Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Enrollment challenges have increased in complexity amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual outreach and providing prospective students with the most current online admission policies and requirements has become vital to institutions worried about future impact.

With this in mind, we are currently waiving our annual membership fee and offering a 50% discount on other related products/services.

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Meaningful Engagement
Provide transfer students with the tools they need to easily evaluate how their credits will transfer to you.
Save Time & Resources
Minimize the effort needed to publicize your transfer equivalencies, credit policies and guides.
Increase Your Enrollment
Open new recruitment opportunities by Region, Institution, Program of Study and more.
Get access to tools allowing you to publish and maintain your institution’s Transfer Profile in a clear and targeted manner.
Publicize your Programs and Courses, making them searchable and viewable online.
Broadcast Transfer Application requirements and Transfer Credit Policies in one place.
Provide prospective students the option to request more Information, allowing you to track and engage leads.
Promote your Institution with images, contact info, social media links and transfer enrollment statistics.
Highlight financial information such as tuition, fees, financial aid and scholarships.
Receive a monthly analytics report that tracks student metrics for your Transfer Profiles.
Get free, unlimited Helpdesk Support from one of our Service Team Members.

CollegeTransfer.Net is easy to use and requires no additional hardware or specialized software. An annual membership can elevate your brand and promote your transfer friendly policies.

Join the thousands of colleges and universities that utilize CollegeTransfer.Net to expand their reach to students who might not otherwise be aware of or consider transferring to their institution.

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