College Credit FastTrack Takes Prior Learning Recognition a Step Further

ccfastrack widget

With the recent addition of the Will My Credits Transfer widget, has become a one-stop-shop for the 21st century learner. Now, students looking to save time and money to a degree can find out how their prior coursework and assessments by examination will be accepted for transfer credit.

The portal’s participating institutions are dedicated to connecting learners, whether they be returning adults or students on the move, with meaningful educational opportunities. Helping them navigate the complex maze of academic credit portability with the availability of timely and transparent information is key.

In addition to having access to the Will My Credits Transfer widget, ccFastTrack allows the ability to build a Prior Learning Assessment e-portfolio of their experiential learning with faculty and advisor assistance to petition the institutions for college credit.

"College Credit FastTrack is an optimal solution that provides students with the ability to earn credits for their experiential learning. With the addition of the Will My Credits Transfer widget, they now have the ability to learn how courses for which they have already earned credit will transfer and count," said Kimberly Garvey, Montgomery County Community College's Administrative Director of Academic Affairs." The ability for students to receive credit for all types of prior learning frees them to focus on the remaining courses they need to complete their program of study, and puts them on the path to finish a degree or credential much faster."

To learn more about ccFastTrack and how it can help your institution promote and achieve greater student success, contact AcademyOne to schedule a demonstration.