S3™ Integration Hub

Student System REST Services


Reengineer with Real-time Data

S3 bridges external administrative applications with inherently disparate SIS databases using real-time web services. It securely delivers the accuracy and interactivity users have come to rely on by enriching public facing tools that live outside of an institution.


Manage Complexity

Bridge the silos of information residing in disjointed databases to streamline connections.

Maximize Productivity

Put an end to making users jump through the hoops of using multiple applications to perform tasks and garner information.

Save Time & Money

Decrease the administrative expense of exchanging data over multiple systems through automation.

Digital Transformation

Make systems smarter by optimizing the assets in which you’ve already invested heavily in.


S3™ Features


A lightweight application installed and automatically updated within institutional firewalls.

  • Receive and fulfill requests from the gateway
  • Eliminate external exposure and access
  • Authenticate both parties with certificates
  • Provide institutional SQL statements to meet specifications


A switchboard in the cloud that forwards requests from a consumer to the correct source and marshals the replies.

  • Authenticate, authorize and log all services
  • Establish standard communication protocol
  • Provide separation services
  • Integrate with any application
  • Track and log utilization


A Software Development Kit (SDK) used within web-connected applications.

  • Authenticate with the gateway via certificates
  • Establish a real-time connection with the gateway
  • Manage multiple applications simultaneously
  • Ensure message encryption
  • Track utilization with secure keys


The administrative interface that gives institutions complete control to manage what consumers have permission to utilize their services.

  • Manage services through a single point of entry
  • Download and test the SDK install and services
  • Generate authentication certificates
  • Manage permissions


A secure data sharing platform to create connectivity and bridge applications.

  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System
  • Utilize web services to construct, test and return queries
  • Use standard SQL queries and procedures
  • Scale performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Connect data to applications through APIs