AwardED™ Reverse Transfer System

Automated Degree Checking with Data Exchange

Award Credit When It's Due

AwardED™ automates reverse transfer workflow processes to relieve the administrative burden of manual and laborious efforts that incumber staff. It elevates state and system level initiatives to confer associate degrees upon deserving students and increase degree completion rates.

reverse transfer opt-in

Engage Potential Students

Increase participation often stymied by a lack of awareness with an opt-in consent.

reverse transfer degree audit

Systematize Degree Audits

Automatically run audits on consenting students to pre-determine eligibility for formal review.

reverse transfer guides near completers

Guide Near Completers

Inform them of outstanding requirements and ensure inclusion in the next cycle.

reverse transfer increases degrees awarded

Award Earned Credentials

Motivate those who have merited a degree to persist and finish their baccalaureate.

AwardED™ Features

Student Identification

Four-year institutions query course history records to identify those eligible for a degree and upload them into the system.

  • Determine the frequency and scope of cycle implementation
  • Define criteria such as credit requirements and enrollment status
  • Ensure ineligible students who remain in the pool don’t get lost in the shuffle


The system emails opt-in requests to students who are determined eligible for participation in reverse transfer.

  • Routinely generate notification for optimum outreach and higher consensus rates
  • Maintain FERPA compliance with a student’s active consent

Course History Exchange

Both two-year and four-year institutions upload course histories of consenting students for the audit process.

  • Provide an electronic method to efficiently move transcript-level data between institutions
  • Increase capacity through technology to implement reverse transfer and reach more students

Simulated Degree Audit

A simulated audit is run to map course histories against requirements to pinpoint any that are eligible for an official review.

  • Facilitate the mapping of course equivalencies to each two-year college in the system
  • Automate the audit function to streamline processes with increased capacity and be more time and cost-effective

Degree Conferral & Advising

Students who have met requirements are notified and awarded a degree. Those who have not are advised about what remains outstanding.

  • Bestow more degrees to those who have earned them post-transfer
  • Recognize student accomplishments with a credential and inspire them to finish at their four-year institution
  • Connect with and provide guidance to near completers