360 Credit Modeler

How does your institution engage prospective adult learners? Obviously, no two learners are alike. But, they do come to your website with prior learning - some formal and some informal. Depending on one's life experiences, a learner could have completed some college or even earned a credential before. They could have been in the Military taking courses or training all over the world. They could have been employed for five, ten or more years earning and learning on the job. Or taken online courses from another major University. The Credit Modeler is a web site application your institution can employ, enabling the ability to model how prior or in-progress learning would count if enrolled in one of the programs of study offered.

Engage + Enrich = Enroll

Provide an engaging online experience. Enrich your website with information that supports what prospective learners are seeking. When you do, they will enroll as a result. Our Credit Modeler helps institutions address prospective learners seeking the answer to one of the key enrollment questions: "Will my credits transfer and count?"

Will My Credits Transfer and Count?

First, we will customize the look and feel to match your brand and site requirements. Second, we pre-load and convert your data to quickly onboard. Third, we help you setup the links and content embedding the Credit Modeler where you want it.

The Credit Modeler Includes a step by step wizard. It also incorporates full searches of academic precedents, comparables and pathway agreements. Prospective learners can save their entries and you can learn who is visiting your website, exploring programs of study, where they are coming from and address follow-up with your CRM tools.