360 Credit Manager

The Credit Manager is an online evaluation module that supports the evaluation of learning sources. It creates comparable and precedents linking sources of learning to the host's learning opportunities. Rarely learning sources equivalent. There are variations. Learning sources are everywhere. Formal levels of instruction to informal self paced courses like MOOCs or work place training are examples. Evaluations are assigned by Faculty responsibilities and expertise. Faculty review the source of learning, the collected content, websites, text book and level of instruction to assess rigor and determine applicability to target learning opportunities offered by the host. Evaluations can be triggered by resolving Petition claims or initiated by source of learning . From the dashboard, authorized users can create evaluation requests by Provider.

Target + Align = Enroll

Enrich your website with information and tools that support what prospective learners are seeking. When you do, they will more likely enroll as a result. Our Credit Manager helps create and manage comparable and precedents by learning source.

Evaluate Learning Sources, not just Course Subjects

The Credit Manager works with Evaluation Requests triggered during the Petition Workflow or Canvasing other Providers. Proactive marketing to align with Providers and their of source learning opportunities can help steer learners to evaluate options for transfer or completion..

The Credit Manager also incorporates tracking data changes and the automatic triggers to review the policies established. Isn't it time to leverage technology to help automate the labor intensive evaluation and tracking to support admissions?