Automating Academic Petitions and Workflows

Streamline External Learning Assessments,
Promotion, and Placement based upon Credit Offers

AdvancED™ is designed to address how a receiving institution addresses external learning sources. Track the establishment of precedents and comparables to other learning sources. Provide personalized guidance using AI to improve recruiting and enrolling students seeking recognition and respect. Manage the recognition of prior learning and it’s relevancy. Provide prospective applicants progress to completion. Enjoy seeing how learners navigate and succeed! AdvancED™ helps colleges and universities manage the submission queues, review learning sources, validate student assertions, claims and experiences. It helps academic and administrative departments coordinate and orchestrate proactively and re-actively responding to petitioning for the recognition of academic credit.


Engage Learners

Ensure academic rigor with a unified, online repository of credit decisions, precedents and comparables.

Empower Users

Replace disparate, paper-based practices and overcome the burden of resource constraints.

Streamline Effort

Connect faculty and staff via an online, structured system to coordinate tasks and deliver timely credit offers.

Improve Outcomes

Provide learners with prescriptive pathways to follow that save them time and money to a degree.


AdvancED™ Features

Learner Center

A centralized application for learners to create, submit and manage petitions for credit and explore established pathways.

  • Give an easy to follow and systematized guide to compile knowledge claims
  • Display a dashboard that monitors progress and shows other credit opportunities
  • Make available a comprehensive record storage center
  • Encourage learners to import their transcript and explore changing or considering a course of study or investigate readmission

Petition Workflow

A framework that streamlines institutional evaluation and award of credit processes.

  • Provide a structured format to administer the assessment of learning claims from outside sources
  • Coordinate associated tasks between isolated faculty and administrative departments
  • Ensure definitive comparables and precedents are established based on expert opinions to strengthen and expedite review procedures
  • Sustain evidence of learning and supporting documentation with resulting decisions for history and tracking

Pathway Builder

A tool that automates the creation and publication of completion opportunities for your institution.

  • Support transferability and credit assessment processes by ensuring evaluations meet institutional policies and business rules
  • Record approvals and policy overrides
  • Share prescribed pathways to simplify and accelerate your advising and articulation practices
  • Manage trading names with source providers
  • Track source and target data changes impacting pathways?

Pathway Checklist

A learner-centric navigation application that keeps them on track to a postsecondary credential.

  • Provide easy to follow progress guides with next steps to completing a degree or qualification
  • Give access to online, accurate requirements rather than a piece of paper that will stagnate
  • Free your faculty and staff from duplicate efforts by reusing established precedents and comparables
  • Share one view with advisors, agents and learner
  • Guide learners in sequence with disclaimers

Credit Manager

A customizable and directed workflow for the institutional oversight of petition evaluations.

  • Provide a defined, easy to follow process through review, validation, articulation, advising and conveyance with a task audit trail
  • Shift the practice of weighing credit solely from course equivalencies to broader levels that encompass credentials, courses, skills, knowledge areas and competencies
  • Ensure timely and consistent offers of credit by automating tasks that were manual and keeping them in-house

Credit Modeler

A public-facing tool that is branded and embedded on your website for prospective learners to explore credit opportunities and pathways.

  • Furnish an intuitive search which displays academic precedents, comparables and pathway agreements
  • Answer the question Will My Credits Transfer and Count? by calculating an approximate award based on prior learning credit claims
  • Allow for saved workspaces with previously entered information to retrieve and edit for further exploration

Technology SSO, API'S, Hosting Options

Advanced software technology to support prior learning assessment and recognition

  • Software as a service, scalable performance
  • SSO with your identity providers
  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System
  • Host on-premise or in the cloud
  • Scalable performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Coursework Import to initiate the Learner Academic History.
  • Webhook to sync learner known information.

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