Transfer Maze Background

Will My Credits Transfer?

Addressing prospective college transfer students most important question as they enter the transfer maze.

How do you assist prospective transfer students through the transfer process?   We know from the 1.3 million transfer students who visit each year, that most students research their transfer options online before visiting an institution and enrolling. 

What do most transfer students desire to nail down before they enroll?  They want to know how their prior learning transfers and impacts their future studies. 

What do transfer students find on your website addressing transfer equivalencies?   

How easy do you make it to lookup course by course? 

Do you give prospective transfer students self-assessment tools? 

Do you track where they are coming from? 

Do you know what courses they attempt to transfer with frequency?

Do prospects feel good about connecting with your admissions process to petititon for their credits?   

College Transfer Analytics 101 

Are you promoting your transfer policies and information as an asset to reach your target market?    Subscribing and promoting your transfer guidance to CTNet also provides you valuable analytics to understand your transfer market as they consider your policy and options. 

CollegeTransfer.Net Analytics showing 1.3 million users view 3.9 million pages...

Many institiutions list transfer agreements in or out, course equivalencies in or out, pages of text guidance, videos and more.  Stepping through the transfer universe can be daunting and a maze of information.   What if you make it simplier for transfer students to research and review their transfer opportunities you offer?  What if they can get answers online as they compare options?  That is what they seek visiting CollegeTransfer.Net.


Will My Credits Transfer as a Service

In today's online competitive world, we expect easy access to information and answers before we make decisions.   Whether it is a product or service, we don't buy it until we know the benefits and value.  AcademyOne pioneered and developed the Will My Credits as a Service for participating transfer friendly institutions.  This easily to use service plugs right into your website.  Is it time you enhance the interactive support you offer prospective transfer students?  

multi-institution transfer portal

Compile My Prior Learning

Make it easy for Students to compile their prior course work with S3 or enter their coursework to view how it would transfer.

course evaluation work flow

View My Transfer Map

Make it easy for Students to view their course to course maps, save them and share them.  Course maps are an easy way to convey course equivalencies available.

guided pathways

View my Best Pathway

Make it easy for Students to follow a Guided Pathway by Program of Study, see their progress, save the results and share.


Empower transfer prospects to research how their prior learning will transfer and count toward their degree aspirations.   If they engage with your website to analyze their transfer circumstance, don't you think they are serious and interested in possible future learning opportunities at your institution?

Course equivalencies are presented to prospective transfer students as guidance curated through transfer articulation.   Transfer Agreements are usually in PDF listing course to course mappings negotiated and published between community.   Neither are easy to review and compile when searched individually. 

The Will My Credits Transfer Service, when placed on an institution's website can connect with Google Analytics - providing insights into transfer students visiting your transfer center pages.  You can also track source institution and the courses they are considering transferring, grades and insights gained from review of the informal information they provide.  For example, this embedded component for West Chester University has been setup to show how easy it is to help your prospective learners.

Will My Credits Transfer - My Courses

Once the course history is compiled for all the instititions attended, the student would select the "Results" to see the transfer map.

Will My Credits Transfer - My Map

Now it's your turn.  Below is a sample widget you can play with from West Chester University.  Enter in Delaware County Community College along with several courses such as ART, BIO, MATH to compile your learning record and generate an easy to read transfer map.  It's that easy.   The only setup outside downloading the component snippet of HTML is to provide your course equivalencies to AcademyOne.  We have a simple synchronization process that takes no time to setup and no hands to operate once it is setup.   So, what are you waiting for? 

Stand out from the crowd. Engage, empower and enrich your prospective learner experiences.


Helping students find their way out of the Transfer Maze

The Transfer Maze

Engage prospective transfer students with a mobile responsive application that answers the question
"Will My Course Credits Transfer?" 

We know that 80% of today's learners shopping for learning opportunities visit your web site on their smartphone or tablet. 
Giving them a desktop experience is problemtic often shooing them away.   

Get your mobile reponsive college transfer widget today.  It's free to use on your website. 

Call AcademyOne today to setup your Widget.