Transfer Check

Pre-Transfer Advising and Planning Ahead

Transfer Check Provides Improved Automated Guidance

Coursework and credits from another institution can transfer into yours in a variety of ways. A major concern for transfer students during decision making time is knowing if and how their prior learning is, or isn’t, going to count specifically toward a program of study. Transfer Check is our self-service guidance tool that eases the path for your prospective students and advisors to productive academic planning and degree completion.

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Transfer Check presents a simulated transfer degree audit to show how courses will transfer and count toward a baccalaureate program of study.
  • Present a unified prospective student degree audit across all institutions and their programs of study.
  • Produces a simulated checklist report enabling students to consider the impact of changing majors or transferring to another institution before they act.
  • Leverage access to the coursework import linked by SSO eliminating the need to key-in prior learning assertions.
  • Compare academic progress combining coursework from one to many institutions.
  • Provide students the ability to share their checklists with advisors and others they wish.
  • Offload and maintain the simulated degree audit rules without taxing your administrative and academic staff.
  • Refresh the simulated degree audit rules on a regular timetable or on-going basis.
  • Present a simple to follow academic checklist and enable students to save them for later refresh.

What If Scenario

transfer check

By using Transfer Check, students can explore their options based on degree checklists pre-populated with already established course equivalencies. They walk away with a better understanding of program admission and graduation requirements and the applicability of transfer credit. They can also identify remaining general education and major requirements to be able to choose future meaningful courses and avoid wasting time and money.

Bypass the Limitations of Your Degree Audit System

It’s true your system may be ripe with data, but is it available in a format that is useful to your transfer advisors? TransferCheck uses web services to interface with what you have in place to provide an automated transfer evaluation checklist to help you help students stay on track.

My Transfer Checks

Here are just a few benefits of Transfer Check

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Meaningful Engagement

Provide transfer students with the tools they need to easily evaluate how their credits will transfer to your college.

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Save Time & Resources

Minimize the effort needed to publicize your transfer equivalencies, credit policies, and admission requirements.

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Increase Enrollment

Open new recruitment opportunities with qualified leads who request more information about your institution.

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Ensure Accurate Date

Maintain, and publish course equivalencies between SIS or degree audit systems.

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Improve Access & Success

Give students self-advising tools with real-time, accurate data.

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Increase Efficiency

Streamline your processes with automated workflow and publishing tools.