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Alexa Help Me. AcademyOne pilots Amazon AI tools with its big data to improve college course transfer advising.


Alexa, is a powerful toolset built on AI, language processing and use cases encapsulated in what Amazon calls Skills.

It’s probably no surprise you may already know AcademyOne works with millions of college and university course mappings called equivalencies. Important to note: we rely on institutional faculty and staff to curate the academic decisions over time.

Our job is to help publish and promote the transferability through online tools such as state-wide portals, institutional widgets and other advising tools such as degree audit, transfer check, prior learning assessment and petition for credit applications we host as cloud services.

During the Pandemic while at home, I installed Alexa and automated many of my appliances, lights, TVs, doors and sought Alexa skills to help find entertainment, recipes for dinner, read a book, tell me jokes and stay on top of the news.

So I asked my DEV team to prototype a new Alexa skill that would be a proof of concept on how we could deliver college transfer guidance through new published Alexa Skills. We learned a ton doing this.

Imagine how career exploration, college planning, college shopping, prior learning assessment, transcript request, college credit, enrollment, progress to tracking my credentials... can be improved with AI and Alexa.

Imagine storing learning experiences in the cloud with Alexa so she can help me consider pathways, costs and schedule.

Imagine storing my expanded resume / CV - and sharing it with others.

It's coming...