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AcademyOne delivers SaaS state and system-wide cloud-based solutions that reduce the academic and economic impact associated with prior learning assessment and transfer credit promoting equity in access and student success.

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AcademyOne provides real-time, scalable, data driven tools and applications that bridge the college and university digital divide to actualize a higher education community. Our products foster seamless academic credit portability supporting student access, retention, and success.

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Can your state make navigating the college transfer process easier?
Transfer Articulation

AcademyOne’s ArticulatED™ multi-institutional portals provide a centralized and trusted source of transfer information and resources for students.

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Can your statewide or multi-institutional system establish a solid prior learning assessment and recognition infrastructure?
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition System

AssessED™ connects learners with an advisor for one-on-one consultations and walks them through the steps of creating and submitting a portfolio that details their experiential learning to showcase how it best aligns with their petition for college credit.

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Want to increase your Institutions degree completion rates?
Reverse Transfer

AwardED™ automates reverse transfer workflow processes to relieve the administrative burden of manual and laborious efforts that incumber staff.

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Lets help your students stay on track!
Transfer Advising

AdvisED™ empowers your advising staff and the students they support along the journey to earn their associate degree and successfully transfer into a baccalaureate program of study.


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