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State and Institutional Client Success Stories

AcademyOne partners with state agencies and education providers of all sizes to make a difference for millions of learners and thousands of institutions across the education sector. Our solutions support diverse objectives and unique requirements, so our clients get exactly what they need to succeed in their missions for greater student and institutional performance. We have assembled a collection of their success stories and related resources.

Transfer & Articulation

Laptop displaying the PA TRAC web portal

Facilitating Academic Credit Portability

We help our transfer and articulation clients automate policy, expand degree pathways and achieve greater transparency so more students can make well-informed transfer decisions. By knowing how their credits will transfer prior to enrollment, they maximize their chances of reducing the time and cost of degree completion.

We work with a number of state and provincial government agencies to ensure widespread system solutions.

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Reverse Transfer

Laptop displaying the PA TRAC web portal

Automating and Optimizing Reverse Transfer Processes

Every year thousands of community college students transfer to four-year universities, often before graduating, leaving them without a credential. Through the practice known as Reverse Transfer, these students can be awarded their associate degree from their community college when required courses at the four-year university are completed as they work toward their baccalaureate.

Working with Tennessee, we have developed software to automate and optimize reverse transfer policies and processes within the state, ultimately reducing their manual workload and increasing degree completion.

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Prior Learning Assessment

Laptop displaying the PA TRAC web portal

Recognizing and Awarding Credit for Prior Learning

Many adults acquire postsecondary learning outside of the traditional academic environment, through on-the-job training, military training, apprenticeships or a variety of other programs. Via the practice known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), individuals can have that knowledge evaluated and assessed for college credit.

In Pennsylvania, we have developed software and workflow processes to support the Community Colleges in meeting their goal of expanding opportunities for adult learners to earn credit for life and work experiences, reducing time to degree completion and increasing student access and success.

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Online and Distance Learning

Laptop displaying the PA TRAC web portal

Improving Student Access and Success

Providing online distance learning and degree programs is integral for colleges and universities as student enrollment in online learning continues to grow. Student demand is a key contributor to this growth, as students of all ages seek opportunities for flexibility of scheduling and cost efficiency that online learning offers. Colleges and universities that invest in their online distance learning and degree programs will be well positioned to attract students and ultimately grow their programs.

We work with the Florida Virtual Campus to provide colleges and universities in the state of Florida with the tools to meet the needs of online students and aid them to be more successful on their path to degree completion.

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Adult Degree Completion

Tablet displaying the Grad TX web portal

Supporting Adult Learners in Obtaining a College Credential

Many adults have earned some college credit, but never obtained a credential. Balancing family, work and other life commitments can often make attending college seem like an unrealistic option. Colleges and universities that invest in and promote support services tailored to the unique needs of adult learners will be well positioned to reengage them and support their goal of degree completion.

We are working with the University of Tennessee System, in partnership with the state’s Board of Regents and Higher Education Commission, to advance adult degree completion in the State.

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Career & Technical Education

Students in a classroom with SOAR logo

Preparing Students for College and Careers

Career and technical education (CTE) strengthens the economy by providing training and instruction for high-priority occupations. Now, more students can enter the workforce earlier and save on college tuition by following articulation agreements that make it possible to earn college credits through their secondary CTE programs of study.

We work with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Career and Technical Education to publicize numerous articulation agreements.

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Individual Institutions

Smartphone displaying a college profile

Tailored Solutions for Specific Objectives

It’s rare to find a one-size-fits-all solution in higher education. Every institution has its own unique set of circumstances that shape and contextualize its goals and requisites for success. This is why we offer and design highly configurable solutions for individual colleges and universities – to deliver greater value by meeting their specific needs.

We work with a number of single- and multi-campus institutions to help them improve enrollment, increase academic credit portability and achieve their business and performance goals.

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Got Adoption?

When rolling out new technologies or enhancements, we maximize user adoption by maintaining a user-centric focus throughout the project development lifecycle.

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