Helping Students Make Informed Financial Choices [Live Webinar]

What Montgomery County Community College is doing to help their students develop a solid fiscal strategy to complete a degree and make more responsible borrowing decisions.

Recognizing the importance of financial literacy, Montgomery County chose to make information accessible and easy to understand through an online advising solution. Their end goal is to help students make smarter choices, so they aren’t compelled to leave without a degree or overburdened by debt. Using the Student Financial Advisor, realistic cost and loan debt expectations are laid out so that budgeting is simplified.

You’ll learn this and more:

  • How students develop a personalized financial plan with the logic of a net price calculator, individual contributions and loans
  • How the application encourages FAFSA completion so no grant or aid money is left on the table
  • How engaging students with a forecasted repayment calculator helps them understand the true impact of cumulative loan choices

Webinar details:

Date: Wednesday, October 25th at 1pm EST
Log-in link will be emailed in advance of the webinar.