Student System Services


Re-engineer With Real-time Data

A common weakness of advising, guidance and degree completion tools is the dependency on other data systems. Staleness of information can mislead learners and others who assist them. Eliminate the delays and costs batching data between systems by adopting S3 with real-time web services linked to advising, guidance, portals and workflow applications with permissions you control.  



Engage learners and advisors with real-time access to institutional and learner data.

Strengthen decisions

Learners, faculty and staff can make better decisions with a streamlined process and verified information.

Reduce costs

Eliminate expensive integrations and dependencies on experts.

Improve Reuse

Develop common services that can be shared across applications.

Enable Self-Service

Support users better. Focus on building self-service applications that lower costs and improve services.


S3™ Features


A lightweight application installed and automatically updated within an institution’s firewall responsible for receiving and fulfilling requests from the Gateway. There is no external exposure, and both parties are authenticated with certificates. Institutions provide SQL statements to meet their specifications.

  • Hands free, self-updating.
  • Eliminates external access.
  • Handles many data sources.
  • Common set of services.
  • Transform data once.


A switchboard in the cloud that forwards requests from a Consumer to the Source and marshals the web service replies. It authenticates, authorizes and logs all services.

  • Improve responsiveness.
  • Standard communication protocol.
  • Provide separation services.
  • Integrate with any application.
  • Track and log utilization.


An SDK (Software Development Kit) used within a web connected application. The Consumer authenticates with the Gateway via certificate..

  • Authenticates with certificates.
  • Establishes real-time connection with the Gateway.
  • Can handle multiple applications at once.
  • Message encryption.
  • Secure keys tracks utilization.


The administrative interface allowing an institution to access documentation, download and test their install and generate authentication certificates. It gives them complete control over which Consumers have permission to use their services.

  • Single point of entry to manage services.
  • Add and manage services.
  • Turn on and off Consumers.
  • Test services.
  • Generate certificates.
  • Manage permissions.

Web Services

A standard set of request queries constructed, tested and utilized across varying SIS or other enterprise data sources.

  • Prospect, Applicant and Student Queries.
  • Academic Calendar Queries.
  • Programs of Study Queries.
  • Courses, Course Sections, Meeting Times.
  • Degree Competencies and Outcomes.
  • Student Transcript and Course Histories.


Advanced software technology to support secure access to institutional shared services.

  • Reduce the integration effort supporting disparate applications.
  • Built-in security to manage connections.
  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System
  • Host in the cloud. No hardware or software to worry about.
  • Scalable performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Uses standard SQL queries and procedures.