A Multi-Institutional Portal and CMS


Improving Higher Education Coordination and Outcomes  

Adaptive, Brand It, Extend It, On-Demand, Integrated



ArticulatED is a multi-institutional portal and content management system that powers state-wide and consortium student success initiatives. Implement a cloud based, real-time and web responsive portal to support centralized guidance published by participating institutions. Employ real-time web services for integration and data sharing.


Proactive efforts publishing guidance, supporting prospective and enrolled students, promoting pathways to college completion

Empower users

Easy to use tools, leveraging reusable repository of academic decisions, engaging learners with self-service.

Strengthen decisions

Learners, faculty and staff can make better decisions with a streamlined process and verified information.

Reduce costs

Responsive design improves coordination between institutions, departments, reduces wait times, gaps in service and avoidance of errors.

Improve Accountability

Focus on progress, completion factors, open tasks, policy dependencies, consistency and fairness.

Engage Learners

Discover learners who are self-directed, articulate and motivated to finish given their learning experiences.


ArticulatED Features


ARTICULATING the College and University Community.

  • Managed Institutional Profiles
  • Shared Repository, Programs of Study, Courses, Equivalencies
  • Shared Calendar and Events
  • Managed Contacts
  • Managed Messages and Alerts


ARTICULATING Page Content, Stories, Videos, Images and Modules.

  • Unlimited page content, addressing affinity groups, initiatives, strategies and tactics.
  • Branded custom templates, workflow approval and publishing.
  • Content layout and storage.
  • Unlimited Authors, Editors and Publishers.
  • Version Management.
  • Rendering Modules and Applications with Page Content.


ARTICULATING Measures of Success.

  • Manage SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Establish Goals and Measures.
  • Track User Views and Actions.
  • Advanced URL Management.
  • Measure utilization, access, entry, exit and links.


ARTICULATING role based identity management with SSO.

  • Establish user roles, account structures and users.
  • Establish content permissions.
  • Establish module permissions.
  • Establish permissions to View, Edit and Share content.
  • Support multiple external identity sources.


ARTICULATING portal configuration, options and controls.

  • Establish themes and shared style guides.
  • Establish module containers, layout and visual options.
  • Establish module settings.
  • Access to Reporting and Analytics.
  • Maintain Taxonomy and Semantic Code Lists.


Fully developed modules to support the connections between learners, institutions and departments.

  • Student Passport.
  • Will My Credits Transfer and Count?
  • Prospective Degree Audit with Transfer Check.
  • Course Equivalency Management Center.
  • Transfer Agreement Management Center.
  • Institutional Profile and Landing Page.
  • Institutional Data Synchronizer.


Advanced software technology to support prior learning assessment and recognition

  • Software as a Service, scalable performance.
  • Mobile responsive, custom style CSS and themes.
  • 508 Compliance.
  • Integrate with any SIS, LMS or Curriculum Management System.
  • Host on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Scalable performance with SQL Server and Microsoft IIS
  • Advanced API's with Web Services.