Automating Guided Pathways and Checklists

Improve Persistence and Completion

AdvisED™ empowers students on their journey to earn an associate degree and successfully transfer to their targeted 4-year program. It provides a digital library of transfer agreements and guided pathways enabling students through self-service to track progress and display outstanding coursework helping save time and money.


Real-time Advising

Take your transfer agreements beyond paper and to the next level of academic support.

Reduce Costs

Help your staff be more efficient with software that eases administrative workload.

Retain to Completion

Keep students on track to a degree by showing them exactly what courses will get them there.

Unlock the Future

Reduce credit loss with road maps outlining how earned credits count toward a baccalaureate degree.

“Our students absolutely love being able to visually track progress towards their degree. By following the guided pathway, they also know all of their courses will transfer."

Nora Manz, Associate Director of Transfer and Articulation

“AdvisED does not resemble other degree planning and auditing solutions. Most appealing is how it helps students cross the often tricky junction between two- and four-year schools by enabling them to codify their courses and align them with the requirements at the institutions to which they intend to transfer."

James Wiley, Eduventures Principal Analyst at NRCCUA

AdvisED™ Features

Digital Library

You’ve put a lot of time and effort developing your articulation agreements. Be sure they are easy to find with a virtual database.

  • Catalog agreements by receiving institution and program of study
  • Open a gateway to them with a single point of access
  • Make them searchable and viewable by prospective and current students
  • Support dual enrollment, program to program and 2+2 articulation agreements

Meaningful Guidance

Make your advising appointments less about course registration and more about academic and transfer goals.

  • Support your advisors with timely, easily accessible information
  • Take the guesswork out of course planning
  • Give students a virtual resource when face-to-face appointments are at a premium

Guided Pathways

A proactive design to help simplify and guide learners through the course selection process.

  • Give students automated degree checklists
  • Ensure your students are less likely to fall victim to the excess credit epidemic
  • Provide real-time progress checking toward their degree
  • Articulate clear instructions, conditions and requirements

Shopping Experience

Enables learners to view and compare transfer pathways to partner institutions.

  • Reveal progress in real-time allowing learners to shop for the best outcomes of credit.
  • Promote links and content describing target learning opportunities


  • Monitor and share analytics by targeted institution.
  • Compare views and actions spanning institution.
  • Identify and track transfer interest and targets.
  • Monitor completion rates prior to transfer.


Advanced software technology to support student completion.

  • Single sign on authentication
  • Real-time coursework import
  • Pathway builder and publisher
  • Eliminate reliance on degree audit