Global recruitment and enrollment comes with many challenges. The evaluation of knowledge and skills from an ever widening array of unfamiliar sources of learning with the intent to award credit toward a credential is cumbersome and fraught with subjectivity. Assessment is often delayed impacting enrollment, guidance and progress.

The 360Atlas™ establishes responsive workflows that can be tailored for proactive or reactive endeavors. It enforces academic policies while bridging academic and administrative departments together serving learners better. It allows an institution to scale student services leveraging precedents and comparable decisions.

Credit Modeler

Attract students with prescribed pathways

Prospective students have an intuitive search tool which provides them access to academic precedents, comparables and pathway agreements. The question “Will My Credits Transfer and Count” is answered with the ability to calculate an approximate award based on prior learning credit claims. Workspaces with previously entered information can be saved to later retrieve and edit for further exploration.

Credit Manager

Administer and evaluate learning credit petitions in-house

A well-engineered, customizable guided workflow through the review, validation, articulation, advising and conveyance processes to ensure the consistent and timely recognition and offer of credit toward a degree or qualification. The practice of weighing credit solely from course equivalencies is shifted to broader levels of correlation encompassing credentials, courses, skills, knowledge areas and competencies.


Streamline the application for and award of credit processes

A framework that provides a structured format for managing the assessment of learning claims from outside sources and the conveyance of credit decisions to the student. It coordinates the review process between generally isolated internal faculty and administrative departments, so that definitive comparables and precedents are established based on expert opinions to strengthen and expedite current and future review procedures. All related evidence of learning and supporting documentation, along with resulting decisions, are saved for historical and tracking purposes.

Pathway Builder

Automate the creation and publication of completion opportunities

A tool to support transferability and credit assessment processes by ensuring evaluations meet your institutional policies and business rules. The ability to proactively share prescribed pathways simplifies and accelerates your advising and articulation practices.

Pathway Checklists

Keep learners on track to graduation

Students can easily follow their progress and next steps toward completing a degree or qualification with access to online, accurate requirements. In turn, your faculty and staff are freed from the nuts and bolts of course planning and degree audits allowing them to better maximize their advising time with students.

Learner Center

Give students enhanced self-advising tools

A structured set of services accessible through a secure single sign-on. Knowledge claim portfolios and petitions for credit are created, submitted and managed by students, agents and your staff. Enrolled students can import their academic transcript, explore changing a current course of study, consider a future course of study or investigate readmission.

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