Student System Services™

A common deficiency of current student information systems and their external administrative applications are the silos of information residing in disjointed databases.

AcademyOne’s Student System ServicesTM bridges applications with inherently disparate SIS data using a .NET stack. By calling information and actionable items for use in our student facing tools, S3 securely delivers the accuracy and interactivity users have come to rely on.


A lightweight application installed and automatically updated within an institution’s firewall responsible for receiving and fulfilling requests from the Gateway. There is no external exposure, and both parties are authenticated with certificates. Institutions provide SQL statements to meet their specifications.


A switchboard in the cloud that forwards requests from a Consumer to the Source and marshals the replies. It authenticates, authorizes and logs all services.


An SDK used within an application. The Consumer authenticates with the Gateway via certificate.


The administrative interface allowing an institution to access documentation, download and test their install and generate authentication certificates. It gives them complete control over which Consumers have permission to use their services.